Born in 1979, have been with music for my whole life since my mother took me to practice playing with an organ at the age of 7, then she put me in to music school at the age of 9 that lasted for 6 years. There I learned to compose and make my own music, at the age of 16 I got my very first PC and was introduced to Fast Tracker 2, with that I made about 250 song between the years 1996 -2001.

Unfortunatelly work called in late 2001 on IT-firm and that was the end of that era.

Then i did take a couple of years brake from music alltogether, but I got interested of dj'ing in 2005, just for fun. And I bought my very first deck, made a couple of mixes that i still have on cd (Not released, but friends enjoyed those).  Ofcourse that broke down pretty quickly so, again a break.

Lots of things happened in the following years that I want to keep to my self .

But in 2016 I got a new deck as a christmas present, and I started to be more serious about the whole dj thing. Made about 500 youtube lives and BOOM couple of special guys liked it and noticed me. First there was Vito Von Gert, and everything changed when Victor Special found out about me in late 2018. Victor then suggested that I shoud contact a radio manager called Andrey Rav and everyhing happened pretty fast after that.

So started working for Avivmedia.FM early 2019, and got good reviews, allways on top 10 on that station. I got noticed a little more. And on summer of 2019 I got a message from Patrik Karlson, if I would like to play for upcoming station called Maxximixx Electra, then after that Gerome Meyer contacted on december 2019 about new upcoming radio channel, if I could do a live show for Radio Eibiza. Also I was invited to dj-group called SycFaders by Mark Bradley at the late 2019's, I could not do nothing else but accept these offers.

 In 2020 I signed up for Afterhours.Fm... and in 2021 I'm here .... on Dance Planet !!!


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