DJ Darkness


June 1979 to present DJ Darkness began his career in 1979 by influence of his older brother, playing at parties for friends and some clubs. And over the years has been perfecting his technique of mixing, as well as researching and forming their own repertoire of music, passing through several trends, from soul to today's electronic sets Trance, Psy, Cyber, Eurotrance, Uplifting, Deep House, Eurodance. Considered a great entertainer , thanks to his charisma and sympathy with the public. His sets that vary in style as the event infects the guests thus making the 'Non-Stop' track, always analyzing the animation of the guests and seeking the satisfaction of Music all. - Brazil Worked in several Night Club's in the metropolitan region of Paraiba Valley being resident in some. - Japan Worked as a guest on several Night Club's in the Tokai region, and also in various events. Currently working as a resident DJ on some radios: KTV ASIA, KTV Radio (CANADA), Eibiza Radio (FRANCE), MAXXIMIXX ELECTRA (FRANCE / ISRAEL), MAXXIMIXX HOUSEFLOOR (ISRAEL), I'M YOUR DJ RADIO (PORTUGAL / UK),DANCE PLANET(ITALY) Performed as Guest DJ on Radios: UNDERGROUND KOLLEKTIV RADIO MANCHESTER (UK),RADIO TRANCE PASSION (US),T.M.I RADIO (UK), KEEPERS OF THE DEEP (US),KROSS WELL RADIO SHOW (MOROCCO),XTReme 90.6FM (HUNGARY) B2B, Radio (FRANCE) B2B,AvivMedia Fm (ISRAEL) B2B


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