Marco Fratty


Marco Fratty is an Italian DJ/Producer known all over the world. He is part of FPI Project. In 1989 the project known as the F.P.I Project(Fratty-Presti-Intrallazzi) began . The first production by the F.P.I Project was Rich In Paradise and was released through Discomagic Records. It featured vocals by Paolo Dini. After the success of 'Rich In Paradise / Going Back to my Roots', the F.P.I Project set up their very own label, Paradise Project Records (PPR), and in 1990 released their first track Risky through 'Paradise Project Records', followed by.. Everybody (All Over The World), Let's Go in 1991 and Feel It in 1992. The year after, (1993) Come On (And Do It) and Disco This Way were released, and then Yes, We Could! in 1995. Also in 1991 the first LP was released , entitled 'Rich In Paradise' and featuring the voices of Sharon Dee Clarke, Sarah Warwick, Angie Brown, Glenn White and Tina Chris. A new project was also created named T.C, with Tina Chris on vocals, which released the club hit 'TC 1991 - Berry'. T.C. carried on by releasing a new track each year - TC 1992 - Funky Guitar / TC 1993 - Harmony / TC 1994 - Psychedelic Colours, and finally TC 1995 - Just Get Up & Dance, during which the group’s singer Tina Chris was substituted by Sonia Davis, for whom a new project was then started and the singles 'Bette Davies Eyes', 'Are You Ready (To Go)' and 'Music is my Life' were released . In 1994 the F.P.I Project re-released Going Back To My Roots '94 with brand new 1994 mixes. Following these important experiences, between1993 and the 2011 I was responsible for other products released on the following labels: PIPIERRE (Italy) OCEAN TRAX (Ocean Trax Records - Italy) TIME RECORDS (Time - Italy) MILANOLAB (Ritmica - Italy) D-VISION (Energy - Italy) with the projects :LOVEMATIC - MOWO - IBIZA PLAYERS - PRO HUNTERS ADAPTOR RECORDINGS (Italy) with the project : FRATTY&MANCINO JUST ENTERTEINMENT : with the projects : THE WEEKENDERS , FRATTY Remixes: Cada Vez (Negrocan) Dancing (Darryl Pandy) Make u love me (Harley & Muscle) Penetrate my body (ACL) Timba (Awa band) DJ (michael Moog) In to you (Romina Jhonson) Ministry of Sound - Londra Hacienda - Manchester Dubar - Glasgow Locomotive - Parigi Les Bains Douce - Parigi Pacha – Madrid Academy - Liverpool Dehor - Italy Sesto Senso (BS - Italy) Mazoom (BS - Italy) Fura (BS - Italy) Circus (BS - Italy)He currently produces and publishes records on his own label, Audio Recordings and collaborates with the best Italian labels including:Energy D-Vision, Just Entertainment, Cube Recordings (The Cube Guys), Love Matik, Smilax Records, Do It Yourself, Adaptor Recordings. Marco plays as a special guest in many Italian and international clubs with his unmistakable House imprint.


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